2017 Great American River Run Medals

17 Garr Medals 2

The 2017 Great American River Run half marathon & 5K race takes place May 28 in Memphis, TN. The medals for this year's event were unveiled and runners are sure to be "spinning." As a reminder, every finisher in both races will receive a medal! 

The half marathon medal is a well-deserved prize for every runner that finishes 13.1 miles on May 28 with us. Complete with a shiney Mississippi River design and a section of the Memphis skyline that spins, this medal will be making heads turn when it's draped around your neck.

The 5K medal is a bit smaller than the half marathon, but is still just as impressive. The colors and design make this an enviable piece of hardware that will be perfect for your collection.

Hop over to FacebookTwitter or Instagram later today to see the half marathon spin in video action and some different looks at the 5K medal!

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