Memphis in May Announces International Tour to Czech Republic

57 Old Town Bridge Tower Of The Charles Bridge

Memphis in May International Festival is offering the opportunity to explore the sights, cultures, cuisines, customs and commerce of the 2018 honored country of Czech Republic during the organization’s annual International Tour March 24-31, 2018, led by 2018 Board Chairman Kristen Wright.

The Czech Republic is a nation with 10 million inhabitants, situated in the middle of Europe, with Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland as its neighbors.  Known for its rich historical and cultural heritage, more than a thousand years of Czech history has produced over 2,000 castles, chateaux, and fortresses. The country resonates with beautiful landscapes, including a chain of mountains on the border, deep forests, refreshing lakes, as well as architectural and urban masterpieces. Its capital city of Prague is known for stunning architecture and welcoming people, and is the fifth most-visited city in Europe as a result.

The International Tour is scheduled for March 24-31, 2018. Those interested are encouraged to check here at a later date for complete information.

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