Educational Performances - Domažlice Bagpipe Band


Memphis in May International Festival is proud to offer performances to Memphis area schools at no charge. In celebration of International Week, schools will have the opportunity to enjoy a vibrant cultural performance from the Domažlice Bagpipe Band.

This year your students can experience the sounds of the Czech Republic! Domažlice Bagpipe Band has been among the leading ensembles performing various styles of bagpipe (dudy) music of the Chod region of Western Bohemia (Czech Republic) for more than twenty years.

Along with the bagpipe, clarinet, string violin and bass, various, nearly forgotten, ancient Czech folk rhythmic musical instruments such as the fanfrnoch (clay or metal container with horsehair), vozembouch (staff topped with bow hung with rattles), and hrábě (rake) will be played.

Be ready to be entertained as these instruments bring a comic element to the performance and require some audience participation. The music will also be moderated, with stories about bagpipe (dudy) music history and poudacky, typical Chod jokes.

The performances this year will be held on Wednesday, May 9, Friday, May 11, Monday, May 14 and Tuesday, May 15. Performances are scheduled during school hours and in conjunction with the school schedule.

There is no cost to schools for hosting a performance.

Request forms available online until April 19, 2018 at

We will let you know on April 26, 2018 if we are able to accommodate your school on the tour this year.

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