Bud Light Stage

May 06 5:20 PM


GRiZ has been reinventing and deconstructing contemporary electronic dance music in his own image for more than half a decade, fusing elements of funk, soul, dance, electronica and hip-hop with his own lush saxmanship. Now, with the new Good Will Prevail, the Detroit-born, Denver-based DJ, producer and saxophonist has forged his most prophetic and explorative work thus far, expertly uniting the electric with the organic. Born Grant Kwiecinski, GRiZ grew up with nearby Detroit’s long lineage of musical innovation, spanning funk, soul, dub, rock and roll, and electronic dance music. His debut album, End of the World Party was released in 2011, followed in 2012 by Mad Liberation and Rebel Era in 2013. GRiZ released his critically acclaimed, chart-topping studio album Say It Loud in 2015, which he spent more than a year-and-a-half writing and recording.

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