Bud Light Stage

May 04 9:20 pm


Every story has two sides, and that adage is certainly true for  Kaleo,  the  four-piece  band from Iceland who now call  the  US home.  Call  it  a split  upbringing:  the  isolated  heritage that results from  coming  of age in  Iceland  has paired  with  the  fresh  inspiration  of moving to America, and the band has built a sound to match the  disparate  landscapes.  A gorgeous and raucous blend of rock, folk and blues, Kaleo’s debut LP embodies that very spirit of duality: titled A/B, the album showcases the  band’s multi- layered  dynamics  and ability  to play different genres with equal skill.

Best friends since attending elementary school  outside  of Reykjavik,  bandleader  JJ Julius Son,  drummer  David  Antonsson,  and  bassist  Daniel  Kristjansson  began  playing  together at the age of 17 before adding guitarist Rubin Pollock to the mix in 2012. They  named  the band Kaleo, which means “the sound”  in  Hawaiian,  and  started  their  career in  with  a handful of well-received shows  at the  2012 Iceland  Airwaves  music  festival.  The  band signed to Elektra/Atlantic and moved to the States in  early  2015, choosing  Austin  as their new base.

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