Queens of the Stone Age

Bud Light Stage

Queens of the Stone Age
May 04 11:00 PM


Making their Beale Street Music Festival debut, Queens of the Stone Age is based around singer-songwriter and guitarist Josh Homme and is one of the most interesting and critically acclaimed hard rock bands. The band's eclectic approach to rock produced arty, blues-based albums that wandered stylistically from gentle acoustic songs and Delta blues stomps to Black Sabbath-like metal and the thick, sludgy garage rock characteristic of early-Nineties grunge bands. The group’s members seem to continuously rotate, but it has never affected the quality of music. Songs For The Deaf, Rated R, …Like Clockwork are just a few of the seven chart-topping albums Queens have made. The 2017 release of Villains earned the group their seventh Grammy nomination with hit singles “The Way You Used to Do” and “The Evil Has Landed” featured. “For me, playing music is an escapism worth its weight in gold,” Homme remarked, “and trying to do it in an artful manner is totally everything.”

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