Sturgill Simpson

Bud Light Stage

Sturgill Simpson
May 07 9:05 PM


A Sailor’s Guide to Earth presents Sturgill Simpson as music’s most daring auteur. He combines the soul of Motown, the R&B flash of the Dap-Kings and the rave-ups of the Stones and the Clash. “I wanted it to be an exploration of all the different types of music that I love,” he says. Simpson, who produced the album himself, feels country music is a strong foundation for heady experimentation and exploration. He’s been expanding the genre’s reach and breaking some rules. His 2013 debut, High Top Mountain, introduced him as a bold and raucous innovator. He followed it up with 2014’s Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. On A Sailor’s Guide to Earth, Simpson is a man torn between the lure of the road and the security of home, between love of family and responsibilities to them, to himself, to his art. “I know what music has done for me in my life in terms of offering some kind of direction and comfort,” he says.

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