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Memphis in May Staff

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Staff Spotlight

Natalia Yarger

Q. What is your title at MIM? What does your job entail?

Graphic Designer – My job entails creating stories with visuals so that people want to hear all about Memphis in May. I make the first impression.

Q. How long have you worked at MIM?

4 years, 5 Festivals

Q. What do you do when you're not working at MIM?

When I’m not working at MIM, I transform into a mom – a cool mom. I spend my time painting/drawing on weekends. I also enjoy signing up for half marathons and regretting it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Q. What inspires you?

People…everyone has a story.

Q. What is the best part of your job?

Seeing people react to my work, even if they have no idea I did it (I think that’s the best reaction to see).

Q. What is your favorite MIM memory?

Creating the logo for Colombia. It was my first time creating the honored country logo, and it happens to be my father’s native country!

Q. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

Can I choose Snapchat? When I’m not being a super-cool mom or creating masterpieces, I love to swap faces with Rhianna!! I mean, who wouldn’t?!

Q. Favorite food?

Sushi. The cure for everything.

Q. Favorite band?

I love songs, not bands. I love anything hip-hop, rap, indie or pop. Fun Fact – I’m notorious for rapping at weddings.

Q. Favorite place to visit/vacation?

Orange Beach – My parents just recently bought a house there. A 6 hour drive, a beach, and a free place to stay – you can’t beat that!

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