World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest Teams

Thank you for a fantastic 2016! We will begin announcing our 2017 Festival dates in August

Get ready. Get set. Get Smokin’.

The 39th annual World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest takes place May 12-14, 2016, and applications to join the ranks of the most prestigious meat smokin’ pit masters on the planet are available here! See Below

World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest Official 2016 Entry Form

Please note, payment must be received before application is considered complete. Payment can be made with credit card via phone 901-525-4611 (3.5% surcharge will apply) or mailed, with copy of application, to: WCBCC Team App, 56 S. Front St., Memphis TN 38103.

At stake is the largest prize purse in the history of the championship, totaling $115,000. All competition categories (whole hog, shoulder, and ribs) along with Patio Porkers will see higher prize payouts this year. Don’t miss your chance to join our Wall of Champions!

2016 Team Listings

Below is a listing of the 2016 teams listed alphabetically by category.

Patio Porker

Bad Pig BBQ
Big Al and the Buttrubbers
Boars R Us BBQ Team
Bucket List Smokers
Bush Hogs
Cook 'em with Kindness
Deeez Butts
Divine Swine
DLC Smokers
Just Porkin' Around
Me Dry Rub You Longtime
New World Oinkers
Nice Rack
No Porkin' in the Champagne Room
Phat Chance
Pigs Gone Wild
Porker Vortex
Porkin' in the Park
Porky Van Winkle
Sanders SmokeNQue
Shine & Swine
Skillet Shot
Smoke A Little smoke
Smokin' Hot & Saucey
Smokin' Spiders
Swiggin N Piggin
The Bastey Boys
The Count Bastie Porkestra


10 Bones BBQ
3 Stacks
All Star Ten Pin Porkers
Angry Irishman BBQ LLC
AOC Hogs
Aporkalypse Now
ARGOnaut Smokers
Auto Be Grillin'
Baby Back Griller Allstars
BBQ Team
Big Bubba's Bar-B-Q-N-Crew
Born in the Que S.A.
Boss Pit
Braizin' Assets
Cackle&OinkBBQ w/Regional One Health
Cadillac Grillz
Camo Cookers
Can-Do BBQ Team
Castle Cookers
Central Smokers
Chi Town Cookers
Dang She's Swine
Dirk Piggler's Porkographic BBQ
Dirty Hogs
Emily's Tennessee Prime
Expeditors Brokers & Smokers
Fat Side Up
Fire House 5
Full Moon Smokers
Give The Devil His Que
Got Pig?
Greaseland Porkers
Grill & Grind
Hawg Sawce
Hendricks BBQ
High Life on the Hog
Hog Express
Hometown Bar B Que
Kinney's Kountry Kookers
Knob Creek Smokers
Lickman BBQ
Love Meat Tender
MacDaddy Meat
Magically Piglicious
Meat Drink & Be Merry
Meat Makers
Meat Mitch
Memphis Barbeque Supply
Natural Born Grillers
Notorious P.I.G.
Nuts N' Butts
NuVa Swine & Spine
Peyton Place Motley Que
P-Funk and the Fat Back All-Starz
Pigs In Gin
Pigs in Space
Pigs O War
Pitmaker-BBQ Addiction
Poker Porkers
Pork & Bean Counters
Pork Fiction
Pork n' Rally
Pork O Saurus
Pork, Sweat & Beers
Pot Bellie Cookers
Prime Time BBQ
Pure Pleasure Porkers
Red Dawg Porkers
Ribdiculous Bar-B-Krewe
Rowdy Southern Swine
Saskatchewan Smokers
Serial Grillers
Sicilian Smokers
Silky O'Sullivan's
Slab Techs
Slabs a' Smokin
Sloppy Chops
Smoke Masters
Smokers Anonymous
Smokin' on the River
Smokin' Triggers
Smokin with an Attitude
South Pork
Suspicious Rinds
Sweet Brown Smokers
Sweet Cheeks
Swine 01 Ribbers
Sysco's Cajun Cookers 2.0
Tangled Up In Que
The Beef N The Chicken
The Danish National BBQ Team
The Fabulous Faultliners
The Norwegian National Barbecue Team
The Other Team
The Pig and Pint
The Rack Pack
The Swinehouse
The Usual Saucepects
Three Alarm Smokers
Too Sauced To Pork
Totally Boar'd
Uncle Charlies Ribs
Uncle Murles BBQ
Won't Get Smoked Again
World Famous Larry Williams
Yippie Trippie & the Porkstars


Baby Back Stabbers
Barnstormers BBQ
Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q
Big South BBQ
Blue Collar Smokers
Boarhouse Smokers
Boars Night Out
Boofhead BBQ
City Hogs
Cool Smoke
Crosstown Neighborhood BBQ Cooking Team
Delta Porkers
Down To Smoke (DTS)
Hog Wild Competition Team
Kill'em & Grill'em Que
Killer Hogs
Lillie's Q
Moonlight Smokers
Pages Pig Pen
Parrothead Porkers of Hogaritaville
Pat's BBQ
Peg Leg Porkers
People's Republic of Swina
Pig Stars
Planet Barbecue, Inc.
Pork Illustrated
Porky's BBQ UK
Rebel Roaster Revue (R3Q)
Red Hot Smokers
Seleccion Mexicana de Parrilleros
Shoats and Skins
Smoking Pigs Barbeque Company
South Main Smoker
s Southern Hoggers Barbecue Company
Sow Luau
Squeal Street
Sweet Swine O'Mine
Swine & Dine
The Barbecue Experiment
The Flying Pigs
The Fossil Fueled Porkers
The Grandmasters of Cooking Disasters
The Hogfather
The Moody Ques
The Pit and the Pigulum II
The Pork University
Ubons BBQ of Yazoo
Victory Lane BBQ

Whole Hog

17th Street BBQ/Apple City
3 Taxi Guys
Annesedale Pork
Barbeque Republic
Boom Boom Que
Brown Chicken Brown Cow
Bryce Boar Blazers
Canadian BBQ Society
Cotton Patch Cooking Crew
Cotton Pickin Porkers
Crispy Critters
Curly Tail Smokers II
Diamond D Cooking Team
Dixie Que
Fireman John's BBQ
Gwatney Championship BBQ Team
Jacks Old South
Mac's Smoke Shop
Memphis Latin Porkers
Party Q
Pickin & Grillin
Pig Diamonds
PLP Smokers, Competition Team
RedNeck Bar-B-Que Express
Salt + Smoke
Salty Rinse BBQ
Slapjo Mama BBQ Hog Cooking Team
Steamboat BBQ
Sugarfire Smokehouse
Team Canada BBQ
The Grilla's
The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint
Twyford BBQ & Catering
Whole Hog Café
Will-Be-Que BBQ Team
Yazoo's Delta Q

2016 Results

Championship Pork Division

Grand Champion: Jack's Old South (Unadilla, Georgia) - $30,500

Whole Hog

1st: Jack's Old South - $5,000

2nd: 3 Taxi Guys - $2,250

3rd: PLP Smokers, Competition Team - $1,500

4th: Cotton Patch Cooking Crew - $1,000

5th: Yazoo's Delta Q - $750

6th: 17th Street BBQ/Apple City - $600

7th: Salty Rinse BBQ - $500

8th: Pickin & Grillin - $400

9th: Barbecue Republic - $350

10th: Boom Boom Que - $300

Full Results


1st: Lillie's Q - $5,000

2nd: The Pork University - $2,250

3rd: People's Republic of Swina- $1,500

4th: Boofhead BBQ - $1,000

5th: Moonlight Smokers - $750

6th: The Grand Masters of Cooking Disasters - $600

7th: Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q - $500

8th: Southern Hoggers BBQ Company - $400

9th: Parrothead Porkers of Hogaritavilla - $350

10th: Barnstormers BBQ - $300

Full Results


1st: Prime Time BBQ - $5,000

2nd: Pitmaker-BBQ Addiction - $2,250

3rd: 10 Bones BBQ - $1,500

4th: AOC Hogs - $1,000

5th: Pork Fiction - $750

6th: Give the Devil His Que - $600

7th: Boss Pitt - $500

8th: Smoke Masters - $400

9th: Dirk Piggler's Porkographic BBQ - $350

10th: Born in the Que S.A. - $300

Full Results

Patio Porkers

1st: Phat Chance

2nd: The Bastey Boys

3rd: Smoke A Little Smoke

4th: Bad Pig BBQ

Full Results

Kingsford Tour of Champions

1st: The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint

2nd: Too Sauced to Pork

3rd: Boars Night Out

4th: Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q

5th: 3 Taxi Guys

Full Results

Green Grilling Award – Awarded to the team that collected the most recyclables

Sloppy Chops

Ancillary Awards Results:

Anything But Categories


1st: Pitmaker-BBQ Addiction

2nd: Willingham's

3rd: Big South BBQ

Full Results


1st: Nuts N' Butts

2nd: P-Funk and the Fat Back All-Starz

3rd: Natural Born Grillers

Full Results


1st: Knob Creek Smokers

2nd: Down to Smoke (DTS)

3rd: Uncle Murles BBQ

Full Results


1st: The Bastey Boys

2nd: Suspicious Rinds

3rd: Canadian BBQ Society

Full Results

Sauce Categories

Tomato Sauce

1st: Prime Time BBQ

2nd: The Grilla's

3rd: Boofhead BBQ

Full Results

Mustard Sauce

1st: Salty Rinse BBQ

2nd: All Star Ten Pin Porkers

3rd: Whole Hog Cafe

Full Results

Vinegar Sauce

1st: Killer Hogs

2nd: Cotton Pickin Porkers

3rd: Fat Side Up

Full Results

Franks Red Hot Hot Wings

1st: Uncle Murles BBQ

2nd: Smoke Masters

3rd: Half-Porked

Full Results

Best Booth

1st: All Star Ten Pin Porkers

2nd: Boofhead BBQ

3rd: Swine & Dine

Full Results

Best T-Shirt

1st: Bryce Boar Blazers

2nd: Parrothead Porkers of Hogaritaville

3rd: Swine & Dine

Full Results

Big Hog Run

1st: Mike Page – Page's Pig Pew – $1,000

2nd: Kevin O'Sullivan – 10 Bones BBQ – $750

3rd: John Bailey – R3 Que Team – $500

4th: Gary Saylors – Eat My Butt – $250

5th: Chalmer Sanders – Sanders Smoken Que – $100

Full Results

Ms. Piggie Idol

1st: Chi Town Cookers - $2,000

2nd: Swinos - $1,000

3rd: Voo Doo Q - $500

Team Online Application

Thank you for your interest in competing in the one and only World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, ranked as the #1 Barbecue Cooking Contest by USA Today 10Best! 

Due to space limitations, not all applications received will be accepted. Entry preference is given to those who complete application and remit payment earliest, as well as past champions, and top winners from last year. A check for the total amount due must be received with every application and postmarked or hand-delivered no later than February 19, 2016. 

Please note that a team’s corporate sponsor that conflicts or competes with Memphis in May sponsors may have an impact on acceptance. Should your application not be accepted, your money will be refunded in full. Teams will be notified of acceptance after February 29, 2016, and teams not selected will receive a full refund. No refunds will be made once you have been accepted into the contest. If there are additional questions, contact Mike Davis at 901.525.4611/ext 125 or email 

Your entry fee includes: your team booth space, entry of one pork category, (15) 24-hour wristiks (for championship pork categories) OR (5) 24-hour wristiks (for Patio porker category), 2 vehicle load-in passes, and a 2016 WCBCC poster and apron. The total amount due includes your entry fee, any additional ancillary contests, ticket purchases, clean-up deposit and restoration fee. All teams are required to pay the refundable clean-up deposit and non-refundable restoration fee which includes the special event permit fee, as well as to show proof of insurance or purchase event insurance through Memphis in May. 


COOKER CARAVAN: (Please see supplemental brochure for more details on this item)*
KINGSFORD TOUR OF CHAMPIONS: (Please see supplemental brochure for more details on this item)*
VIPit PASS TOUR Sponsored by Big Green Egg (Please see supplemental brochure for more details on this item)*
Beginning in 2016, all teams will be required to carry liability insurance. Do you have team liability insurance? (Please see supplemental brochure for more details on this item)*
ENTRY FEES: Order the size space you need – no on-site expansions are permitted. Requests for Riverview spaces will be filled on a first-request basis. Please also note that any special requests for team placement will be recognized and preference will be given based on the date application and full payment are received and after event sponsors and vendors have been placed. For teams entering into Rib, Shoulder or Whole Hog categories: *

For spaces 18’ x 30’ and larger, how tall is your structure? *

Patio Porkers Division: (Limited to 35 teams) 15’ W x 25’ D *
ANCILLARY FOOD CONTESTS & SPECIAL EVENTS: (You may enter all categories if you like, but may have only one entry per contest.)*

CLEAN-UP DEPOSIT: (refundable)*
PARK RESTORATION FEE: (non-refundable) Restoration of Tom Lee Park and special event permit fee*
BIG HOG PACKAGE: (Limit of 1 package purchase per team)
Big Hog Run: ($25 x total entries)
MiM Provided Insurance: *
WEDNESDAY FRIENDS & FAMILY NIGHT: (Limited to max of 30 guests per team.)
Total Amount to be Paid (includes booth fee, all additional contests, Big Hog package & tickets and $500 for clean-up deposit and park restoration fee) Make check payable to Memphis in May and send or deliver to Memphis in May, 56 South Front Street, Memphis, TN 38103*
I agree to abide by all Rules and Regulations for the 2016 Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.*
Please answer the simple math question below to submit the form.
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