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Holt Headshot Oct 2020

James L. Holt

President & CEO
Email: jholt [at] memphisinmay [dot] org

10 Mack Weaver Memphisinmay2

Mack Weaver

Executive Vice President & CFO
Email: mweaver [at] memphisinmay [dot] org

10 Kevin Grothe Memphisinmay

Kevin Grothe

Vice President of Sponsorship
Email: kgrothe [at] memphisinmay [dot] org

10 Floyd Benson Director

Floyd Benson

Vice President of Operations
Email: fbenson [at] memphisinmay [dot] org

Blevins Square

Randy Blevins

Vice President of Marketing & Programming
Email: rblevins [at] memphisinmay [dot] org

10 Nobiemcfarlandsquare

Nobie McFarland

Finance Manager
Email: nmcfarland [at] memphisinmay [dot] org

10 Carleykirby

Carley Kirby

Program Manager
Email: ckirby [at] memphisinmay [dot] org

10 Grant Braden

Grant Braden

Marketing Manager
Email: gbraden [at] memphisinmay [dot] org

10 Annette Blunck Headshot

Annette Blunck

Office Manager
Email: ablunck [at] memphisinmay [dot] org

Aimee Cropped

Aimee Gundlach

Graphic Designer
Email: agundlach [at] memphisinmay [dot] org

10 Susan Green Headshot

Susan Green

Executive Administrator
Email:sgreen [at] memphisinmay [dot] org

10 Beckygenoways

Becky Genoways

Program Specialist
Email: bgenoways [at] memphisinmay [dot] org

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