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Louis the Child
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Three years after meeting at a Madeon concert, the electronic pop production duo Louis the Child would open one of his shows. The Chicago-area pair — born Robert Robby” David Hauldren and Frederic Freddy” Judson Kennett — went to the same high school and had their own respective projects, but their paths never crossed. After meeting on March 18, 2012, at that fateful Madeon show, the pair decided to join forces and start making music together, even though Kennett was wrapping up high school and Hauldren had just enrolled at the University of Southern California. They titled their debut EP Dimensions and would release a series of singles  in the years that followed. In 2016, the duo collaborated with New Orleans rapper Pell as Pellican Child, releasing the single Turn Me Down” from a joint EP that would arrive in 2017. That year, Louis the Child also released their Love Is Alive EP, a versatile set that featured the title track with guest vocalist Elohim and Phone Died” with rapper Blaise Railey. 2018 saw the duo team up with Aussie singer/songwriter Wafia for Better Not” and Motor City singer Quinn XCII for The City.” Both tracks landed on their Kids at Play EP, which also featured Elohim and NoMBe. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

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