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World's Longest Picnic Table

Picnic Table Building

Help us put Memphis in the record books!  We’re building the World's Longest Picnic Table, but it’s not enough to have a table, we’ve got to fill the seats to set the record and that’s where you come in!  Bring your friends and family and join your fellow Memphians around the table to set the new record!
Sound like a huge undertaking?  It is!  Here's more about what’s involved in setting the record: 

– The table must exceed 1350 feet!  That’s almost FIVE football fields!
- The table must be based on an existing, commercially available picnic table but outstretched in length only, with all other dimensions remaining the same as the commercially available picnic table chosen as template.  (In other words, it has to look like s standard picnic table, only really, really long!)
- The table must be manufactured as one single long picnic table. That means you can’t line up a bunch of regular picnic tables, and you can’t just bolt the regular picnic tables together.
- The table must have two continuous benches attached to it on either side throughout the entire length of the table. So just like the rule above, we can’t have multiple small benches attached to the table.
– But here’s the key: A picnic must be held on the table throughout its length for the attempt to be valid. We’ll have representative from GUINNESS World Records© on hand to certify, and we’ll be taking photos and video to document it for history. We need your help!  Be a part of history and put Memphis in the record books!

We estimate we’ll need more than 1000 picnickers seated at the table, and we’ll use more than 20,000 screws to hold it all together. PLUS, it will take hundreds of Memphis volunteers from FedEx Cares and the surrounding community to put it all together in Tom Lee Park!

Come join us on May 25 and BYOP!

World's Longest Picnic Table - Fun Facts

  • Picnic Table Length - 1,332 feet
  • Bolts, Nuts, & Washers Count - 992
  • Bolts, Nuts, & Washers Weight - 53 lbs
  • Deck Screws Count - 16,302
  • Deck Screws Weight - 144 lbs
  • Lumber Overall Length - 18,436 feet
  • Lumber Overall Length - 3.5 miles
  • Overall Table Weight - 28,536 lbs
  • Overall Table Weight - 14.3 tons

MATA Memphis Mural

Memphis In May Paint Final Bus Design BW With Outline2

Local artist Carl Moore has created a really fun Memphis-themed design that will wrap a MATA bus!  But we need your help to complete the artwork.  Come to Celebrate Memphis in Tom Lee Park and put your artistic ability on display as we fill in the colors of the design. Afterward, you'll see this Mobile Memphis Masterpiece cruising the streets of Memphis all year long. Here's a sneak peek of the final design for one side of the bus!

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