The CN World Cargo Crate

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The World Cargo Crate program has been suspended until further notice for the health and safety of students and teachers due to concern of transmitting contagious viruses on group-shared items during the pandemic. The program will be re-evaluated in the event that COVID 19 restrictions are lifted significantly.

Memphis in May offers a hands-on learning experience for local students with its acclaimed World Cargo Crates. Each January through May, five wooden crates and their contents travel to numerous schools within the Memphis and Shelby County area. Think of the crates as a “children’s museum in a box,” offering unique items that provide insight into the culture of the honored country. Each year the crate includes items such as maps, books, local crafts, sports items, musical instruments, clothing, and coins.

Though programming for the Salute to Ghana has been postponed to May 2021, teachers may register to host the traveling crate in their school for an entire week, during which time students can examine the items and learn about our 2020-21 honored country, Ghana. Each crate comes complete with a World Cargo Guide that provides descriptions of each item and details its cultural significance.

The crate will be delivered to each school before noon on the Monday of your week and picked up on the following Monday morning by 10:00 a.m., courtesy of Blue Sky Couriers.

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