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In addition to sending a diverse Memphis student group to Ghana, Memphis in May will welcome a delegation of high school students from Ghana to experience life as Memphians and specifically life as a student. The Ghana student delegation will be in Memphis later this year. The group of visiting students will stay with host families for eight days, seven nights – enough time to give the students a true taste of our great city. They will spend their mornings in class at a local high school, afternoons on cultural excursions before returning to the host family each evening.

Hosting an international student means more than providing a bed and meals. As a Host Family, you’ll welcome a new member into your home, share your everyday lives, and grow as you get to know one another. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn about yourself, your family and community by hosting a student from another culture. The host family will be responsible for the student’s housing, transportation to and from school, meals with the family, and airport pick-up and drop off.

 If you're interested in additional information or want to apply to host a student this year, click here!

About the Student Exchange Program by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Each spring, a group of Memphis in May exchange students travels to Memphis in May's honored country for 10-12 days - enough time to give students a true taste of the country without interfering with their school year. All students stay with selected host families in the host country, attend classes at a host high school, visit famous monuments and landmarks, and experience a different culture first-hand. Prior to travel, preparation sessions are held with emphasis on orientation to the culture and country the students will visit, along with travel details and student responsibilities as Memphis in May ambassadors.

The program is offered at no charge to the students or accompanying chaperone. Selected students are encouraged to share their experiences and new knowledge of the honored country with local school and community groups after their return. The Memphis in May Student Exchange Program is open to any 11th or 12th grade student enrolled in a public, private, municipal, or authorized home school within Shelby County; the student must be enrolled from August to June of the current school year. Teachers, parents, guidance counselors, and administrators are encouraged to recommend high school juniors and seniors to apply for this unique opportunity each fall.

Applications are posted at the beginning of each school year. Contact Carley Kirby (ckirby [at] memphisinmay [dot] org) if you have any questions.

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