Memphis Exchange Students

Overall, my trip to Colombia was life-changing. I absolutely loved my first trip out of the U.S. and I had the best time bonding with my host family.

- Madelyn, 2017 Exchange Student to Colombia

From looking onto Guatavita Lake, to licking salt in Zapaquira salt cathedral, to going to a popular theater, to magic tricks on the bus everywhere we go, this is the greatest experience I’ve had so far. Thank you Memphis in May.

- Ashton, 2017 Exchange Student to Colombia

I’d like to send out a huge thank you to the Memphis in May organization for orchestrating this entire trip. It’s truly been a blessing to be able to bring the culture and pride of the city of Memphis to the people of Warsaw. I believe that we’ve all been very fortunate to observe the culture and lifestyle of a country such as Poland, given that we’re given rare opportunities to study the nation. The program has definitely given me an insight into the similarities and differences between our hometown and that of our hosts, and I’m glad that I’ve been able to share this experience with a group of such worldly, talented, and intelligent students from both Warsaw and Memphis. You’ve all touched my life in ways unimaginable, and I hope to stay in contact with you all in the future!

- Ron, 2015 Exchange Student to Poland

Because of Memphis in May, I was granted an experience of a lifetime. I never thought that I would have such an experience when coming to Poland. It has truly given me great joy and has completely changed me. I loved everything about Polska and if I could, I would redo my experience 100 times more. It’s astounding how 10 days can create such an honorary experience and even give you a new family. I’m so blessed to have known the host families, who offered 12 strangers their love and hospitality and treated us as their own. I can’t wait until they come to Memphis and experience our culture! I hope we replicate the same amazing adventure and transform their lives as they have transformed ours.

- Ajia, 2015 Exchange Student to Poland

Host Families

It was with great pride and joy that I watched my husband and children nurture this amazing student.  Everyone in the family wanted to make sure she felt comfortable....She was very open about life in Tunisia and it gave all of us a greater sense of unity....It was a great experience and hopefully we will have another opportunity to host a foreign student.

- LeeAnn Kelly, Host Mom to 2010 Tunisian student

This was a really great experience for our entire family!  We loved having Thomas and Branco.  In fact, after they left I went into Branco's room and he had left us a picture he drew and a lovely long letter thanking us for our hospitality.  I cried!!  Such sweet students!

- Lisa Browne, Host Mom to 2009 Chilean students


As a teacher, I was able to obtain valuable practical experience and applied professional development opportunities that have improved my language fluency and cultural competency.  The cultural richness of Chile provided me with opportunities that simply cannot be replicated through videos and other instructional aids.

- Kim Pitts, Arlington High School, 2009 Chaperone to Chile

I had a lot of fun seeing my students learn from their own experiences in Tunisia....Overall, I was very impressed with every student on the trip. They all adapted and coped very well. They were all also very polite, intelligent and kind individuals. They made my job as a chaperone very easy, and we had a lot of fun as a result...Thanks to Memphis in May for giving me this opportunity, I hope to be able to match the efforts made by Tunisians for their families. The emphasis and importance placed on education in Tunisia has also motivated me as an educator.

- Ludovic Bruneau, White Station High School, 2010 Chaperone to Tunisia

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